How do I know if my child needs to be seen by an SLP?

If you feel something is not right, it never hurts to get a professional’s opinion. However if you would like some guidelines to help you decide click the button below to see some red flags broken down into specific ages. If you are still unsure please reach out and we can schedule a FREE 15 minute phone consultation.

Seek an evaluation by an SLP if by:          

9 months        

• has limited or no babbling

• does not indicate when happy or upset

12 months      

• does not point to objects

• does not use gestures such as waving or shaking head

18 months      

• does not use at least six to ten words consistently 

• does not respond to “no” and “bye-bye”

20 months      

• does not use at least six consonant sounds 

• does not follow simple directions

24 months      

• has a vocabulary of less than 50 words

• has decreased interest in social interactions

36 months      

• strangers have difficulty understanding what the child is saying 

• does not use simple sentences

Other concerns:

* Is a very picky eater (willing to eat only four or five foods, gags on certain textures) 

* Shows no interest in communicating 

* Drools excessively 

* Stutters more consistently and for longer than six months